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Winter 2012

Spring 2007


This section contains various links which may be generally related to classes or useful for studying.




Classes I want to take

  • CMPSCI 415 (491S) - Intro to Network Security - This course provides an introduction to the principles and practice of system and network security. A focus on both fundamentals and practical information will be stressed. The three key topics of this course are cryptography, system security, and network security. Subtopics include ciphers, hashes, key exchange, security services (integrity, availability, confidentiality, etc.), security attacks, vulnerabilities, exploits, countermeasures. Students will make extensive use of a lab for experimenting with security countermeasures.
  • CMPSCI 453 - Computer Networks - Introduction to computer communication networks and protocols. Fundamental concepts in the design and analysis of computer networks. Topics include: layered network architectures, applications, network, programming interfaces, transport, congestion, routing, data link protocols, local area networks, emerging high-speed networks, network management, and network security.
  • CMPSCI 503 (591C) - Embedded Systems - Embedded computing applications do not require the same specifications as general purpose computational platforms, but are instead intimately related to a particular physical process. This course introduces tools necessary to design embedded computational applications. We will explore these applications by building autonomous mobile robots from scratch to accomplish a task that the class will design. Each student will design and build a project as part of a team that will be demonstrated at the end of the semester. The couse is heavily project-oriented (with a required lab) and discussions will include topics such as; (1) mechanisms, sensors, actuators and feedback systems, (2) analog and digital circuits, power amplifiers, signal processing, operational amplifiers, multiplexing, (3) I/O - A/D, D/A, and latching, serial and parallel interfaces, (4) signal processing/conditioning and (5) an introduction to real-time programming.
  • LEGAL 252 - Law and Personal Freedom - This course will explore the nature of freedom in the United States, focusing on the constitutional guarantees founded in the historical role of the law. Issues covered will be Privacy, Obscenity, Race, War on Drugs, Freedom from and of Religion, Right to Counsel, and Search and Seizure. The objective will be to trace the evolution of these issues rooted in the Bill of Rights and Supreme Court doctrine. Case law will be read and analyzed in order to extract judicial theory.
  • LEGAL 491S - Cyber Law - Recent controversies about downloading music files represent only one of many novel questions the Internet and the World Wide Web are causing the law to grapple with. In this course, we will explore a broad range of topics in this fast-moving area. We will begin with discussion of issues related to constitutional law concerning the First Amendment (e.g., free speech, pornography and obscenity) and the Fourth Amendment (e.g., warrantless search and seizure), areas recently affected by the enactment of the Patriot Act. . Next, we will sample some of the on-going controversies in the area of intellectual property law, including the problem of applying traditional copyright and patent law to software. We will also explore the current debate on cryptography, online gambling, internet taxes, as well as new problems raised by the spread of wireless technologies. Finally, we will consider several issues that touch on ecommerce and online dispute resolution.
  • COMP-LIT 127 - International Short Story
  • COMP-LIT 240 - Man and Woman in Mythology
  • ENGLISH 132 - Man and Woman in Literature

Old classes

Winter 2007

Fall 2006

Spring 2006

Fall 2005

Summer 2005

Spring 2005

Fall 2004

Comp-Lit 131, Brave New Worlds


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