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I'm not positive that this is the best place to ask, but it seems most revelant. First, a couple links that explain a bit more what I'm trying to do: The idea, basically, is to use greasemonkey to add more info to google maps. This is all some hardcore javascripting, which I don't really have enough skill with, yet. Basically, it grabs an xml file from somewhere, reads it in, and uses google's own xml map parser to stick this data into the map. That's all great, but there's two problems: First, something in google map's API changed and this script no longer works. So I'm just trying to use the actual published API, instead of the reverse engineered one that no longer works right. My attempt is here: Second, I actually want this to work for a site other than - specifically, I'm trying to get it to work for, which is a craigslist apartments finder that uses gmaps as a back end. Ultimately, it'd be really nice to come up with a way to insert my own xml data into any site with gmaps as a back end, but I'm running into some issues. Mostly, the entire gmap instance is stored in one variable, named whatever the hell the original mashup author decided to call it. So, I need a way to find this variable, and then a way to abuse the variable to insert my own data. Any suggestions? [Web Dev HTML> msg #2915 (0 remaining)] Read cmd ->


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