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  • 6" sub/amp
  • tints
  • paint scratch detailing
  • air filters - purolator?
  • oil filters - purolator?
  • oil: 0W20 synthetic with high molybdenum
  • coach battery?!
  • battery: interstate
    • battery tender junior? water addable?



Battery and Electrical

Interstate, cause you can get em replaced everywhere if they crap out.

Surprise, surprise, the Autocraft Silver battery I got was basically identical lengthwise and widthwise, and about 1/2" shorter. So it dropped into place with no fuss after I cut away a little of the plastic battery holder box and put a 1/2" spacer onto the battery hold-down bar's short end to account for the difference in height. It's as solid as the original.

So, for 30 minutes of my time installing it, I saved a trip to the Honda dealer, got a slightly higher CCA battery (370 new vs. 340 old), and now can replace that battery at many more places with an off-the-shelf battery.

Long Story Short: 51R is too big, probably more modifications than most are willing to undertake.

Long Story: The OEM battery on our Fit lasted 2 years & 3 months. It had went dead four times in the previous months: 1st two times from leaving 1.6 watt dome light on all night; 2nd two times went dead on its own while parked for less than a hour. The second time it went dead I changed the pitiful stock #4 or #6 gage battery cables for #0 gage battery to body and body to engine along with a #1 gage battery to starter cable duplexed with the original cable [all 3 homemade-soldered]. After the 4th time dead I replaced it with a Duralast 51R, with further modifications. The 51R is an inch longer, it just won't fit. I ended up removing the original battery to starter cable I had left on and grinding down the side of the fusible link box so it wouldn't rub the air cleaner. I also repositioned the new #1 gage battery to starter cable so it comes of the front of the terminal rather than the side. In addition I cut down the sides of the plastic battery box and cut a piece of 5/8" plywood to the shape of the bottom of the battery to support it and lift it so that the fusible link box clears the tapered air cleaner housing a little better. Lots of fun, gets me away from only being able to buy batteries at stealership, no other source here in Mexico for the 151R.

Note: I had a Mazda replacement battery by Johnson Controls last 7 years in a '91 Miata. I went to the Mazda Dealer in Oaxaca and looked at the Miata battery, but it was a 51R made by Exide. I passed, the Mexican market Duralast doesn't say who made it, but at least I can pretend it was made by Johnson or Deka.

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